January Birthdays

Being the supremely organised human being that I am, I foolishly decided that it would be an excellent idea to give birth to my firstborn in January thus leaving me with a few issues when it comes to gift giving.

On the negative side

  • The Spoiler. You’ve already told me what you want for Christmas and if you didn’t get it, there is a 99% chance it’s being kept for your birthday.
  • I’m Poor. I have no money left to buy you anything after Christmas.
  • I’m Exhausted. You know you’re getting something from Amazon right because I have neither the strength nor the patience to do any more shopping until December 2017.
  • You don’t need anything. You got it all for Christmas.

On the positive side

  • I’m Cheap. SALES…..You’ll get more, things are on sale.
  • I’m Lazy. ONLINE SALES…..You’ll get more, things are on sale and there’s no need for me to leave the house.

So, bound by my duty as a mother, I have to choose gifts for my daughter’s birthday which is coming up this month. It can honestly be both a blessing and a curse. There is a lot to choose from after Christmas because of sales and therefore there is an opportunity to get some bargains. It’s a pain for her because it means she needs to wait 11 months before she gets another gift.

This task gets more difficult the older your child gets. I have teenagers so half price toys isn’t going to cut it anymore. Added to that, they know there are sales on because they have shopped them and probably bought themselves anything they wanted that they didn’t get for Christmas that I was going to buy for the birthday. Still with me?

So, I am here pondering my dilemma whilst searching for some bargains on a Saturday night.  So far, I have several items from different shops in baskets and approximately 0 of them are for the daughter. I may need to enlist the help of the husband, but that’s only if matters become really desperate.

I’m off to find some bargains that are not for me and I will post a list of any finds should I come across any.

Take care for now.

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